We provide our clients with productive tools that make it easier to adopt effective business decisions. Our clients can benefit from our penetrating insight, afforded by our academic expertise, supported with tons of experience from long years of performing research and studies.


Warpit  is an indispensable platform for all marketing researchers, providing data capture from the internet, phone or the field. Warpit makes it possible to conduct even the most demanding research projects, analyze the data, and draft research reports.

Warpit consists of the following components: Survey Manager, Panel Manager and Report Manager. 


Survey manager

This is where each new research project begins. Survey Manager makes it possible to capture data from a phone, the internet, or the field, it supports over 30 types of different questions, various sampling methods, and provides supervision over the effectiveness of the interviewers in order to discover any potential abuse.

Panel manager

Setting up and managing different types of panels can be an arduous task for researchers. Panel Manager helps create communities of individuals prepared to take part in public opinion and marketing surveys. A new member can join by filling out a form, or over the phone, social networks, or other channels. Panel Manager supports all the phases of the process: entering new members, inviting them to take part in various surveys, assigning different rewards points, and cashing in on those points in the online “shop” with attractive rewards. Panel Manager allows us to obtain larger samples and significantly cut on the cost of research.

Report manager

Report Manager is a tool for generating reports from surveys we conducted. Clients can use it to access the data they are interested in, and visualize them in different ways, with support for everything from tables to interactive charts, and even maps. The client can view survey results and analyze them any way they want, then just simply export the interactive representation of a group of data as a plugin, ready to be published the web to support an article, or included in a presentation.

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