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We designed a loyalty club with a dual focus on the acquisition of new subscribers and the retention of existing ones. In just six months we achieved our annual goal.

Leto izvedbe: 2013-ongoing
Naročnik: T-2 d.o.o.
The client faced a poor public image, had issues with technology and unattractive pricing. A serious issue for the client was churn, as it was shedding subscribers and had great difficulty getting new ones. This trend had to be stopped and turned around. One of the major challenges was how to obtain new subscribers without losing existing ones.

We developed a program that ensures the acquisition of new members and retaining existing ones. It features a fairly complex loyalty scheme with a myriad of options, along with all the technology required to create an analytics and member segmentation system. The graphical user interface, labeling system, logo, and marketing materials were all designed in-house, along with the loyalty club’s online shop.

Results surprised everyone. The loyalty club we set up had an enormous response among subscribers. In just six months it attracted 42,000 members, while our initial objective was to get 50,000 members within a year. Currently the club has over 85,000 members, an impressive 75% of all subscribers.

Year: 2013-ongoing
Client: T-2 d.o.o.

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