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Using a special method of developing musical tastes we researched and defined what people like to hear the most on the radio. The success of Radio 1 was music to our ears.

Leto izvedbe: 2009
Naročnik: Infonet media d.d.
The client owned 14 radio stations with poor ratings. They appeared completely uncompetitive, and were competing too much with one another. Our objective was to ascertain what type of music a radio station should be playing if it wants to attract the most listeners. We wanted to know which music can be said to be universal, and which musical genres the majority of listeners likes. The target audience and genres had to be defined in detail in order to set up the programming.
We conducted two extensive surveys at two different times of day. This was the first time we used the survey method of playing music to respondents and taking note of their reaction. Based on this research we segmented types of radio listeners.
Using the first of the two umbrella surveys and the resulting segmentation made a significant contribution to co-shaping the establishment of Radio 1. From the findings we defined the most desired musical style and the most popular genre. This was an arduous and demanding task that required a great deal of precision and a feeling for details, but we managed to find a way to retaining existing ANTENA radio listeners, while attracting new ones.
Year: 2009
Client: Infonet media d.d.

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