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Omnibus is a multi-client project, which means that we can measure public opinion on certain questions and events quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Leto izvedbe: 2005-ongoing
Naročnik: Omnibus
Our challenge was how to take maximum advantage from a continuous marketing survey.
We set up a project that quickly and effectively leads the client toward the answers to their questions and the solution to their problems. The fixed part of the project is conducted regularly and continuously, while the variable part changes to fit the clients’ current needs and desires. They can join in the regular monthly survey, and get the answers to their questions in the shortest possible time.

The main subject of the omnibus is the public perception of current events. We have been running the project every month since November 2005. The client can be anyone interested in topical social questions and current events.

Until now we have been conducting the omnibus for the newspaper Finance, Planet TV, and SiOL.net. We currently survey between 700 and 1000 respondents for SiOL and Planet TV each month, with surveys taking place each 2nd and 3rd week of the month.

Year: 2005-ongoing
Client: Omnibus

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