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Episcenter designed and set up the biggest loyalty club in Slovenian pharmacy. Thanks to us people started visiting the pharmacy for things other than just medication, as most purchases are made using the loyalty cards.

Leto izvedbe: 2009-ongoing
Naročnik: Lekarna Ljubljana
Along with a poor recognition of their brand identity and consumers’ indifferent attitude the Lekarna Ljubljana pharmacy chain realized their clients had antiquated shopping habits. The consumers were generally not attached to a certain shop or even a pharmacist, they had no permanent customers to speak of, and consumers only went to the pharmacy to pick up medication (with a prescription or without one), and were not used to buying other products there, for example cosmetics.

We helped develop the business model, the loyalty logic, customer relationship management tools, the launch, and the personalization of loyalty cards, establishing the back office system and the call center for assisting customers. We also created a system for managing the database of loyalty card holders, and developed an app for communicating with card holders based on segmentation. Besides this we also created the visual identity of the project and prepared all the marketing materials (catalogues, ads, point of sale materials, etc.), and the application forms.

This revolutionized the shopping at pharmacies. We set up the biggest loyalty club in Slovenian pharmacy, with over two thirds of purchases at the Lekarna Ljubljana pharmacy chain made using the loyalty card, now in the hands of 145,000 individuals.

Year: 2009-ongoing
Client: Lekarna Ljubljana

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