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In just a short while we managed to encourage brand loyalty in a large number of customers.

Leto izvedbe: 2003-2009
Naročnik: Electrolux Ljubljana
The client did not know its end customers. They only knew about the sales channels, while the end customers were a complete unknown to them. Our challenge was to encourage customers toward brand loyalty and toward adopting a broad range of the manufacturer’s products, not only devices, but also original accessories (e.g. vacuum cleaner bags, etc.).
The project was already ongoing in Croatia, but we extended and upgraded it significantly. For project launch we partnered with the consumer electronics chain Big Bang and the home improvement chain Merkur, later adding smaller, but equally important partners. We developed a member portal, the loyalty logic and the benefits system for members (extended warranty, vouchers, small gifts, etc.) The project got off to a spectacular start, with the number of loyalty club members exceeding expectations almost immediately. This made Slovenia an example for other countries, as Electrolux has not seen such success rates anywhere else.
The result is 25,000 satisfied club members. The customer club provides access to valuable information on customers and end users.
Year: 2003-2009
Client: Electrolux Ljubljana

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