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Episcenter respects your privacy and undertakes to carefully protect any personal data obtained through the Episcenter online information system, and will not disclose them to any third parties or use for any other purposes without your consent. The Episcenter online information system includes certain links to other external websites, which are not directly connected to our company, and we do not undertake any responsibility for protecting the data on these websites.

Episcenter undertakes to protect the data and privacy of visitors to the Episcenter website to its best abilities.

In order to prevent unauthorized access to the obtained data and prevent their disclosure, maintain their authenticity, and ensure their subsequent suitable use, we use appropriate technical and organizational procedures for securing the data we collect. Episcenter cannot exclude any potential data abuse, as in spite of the security measures and security communications protocols used the internet is an unpredictable medium.


About Cookies and Their Use on Our Website

What are cookies?


A cookie is a file that stores website settings. Websites load cookies onto user devices with the goal of identifying individual devices and settings used to access. Cookies allow websites to recognize whether a user has previously visited this website, and with advanced applications can also help provide customized settings. Their storage is under complete control of the user’s browser, which can also disable or enable cookie storage.


Why are cookies necessary?


Cookies are of essential importance for providing user-friendly online services, as the most broadly used e-commerce features would not be possible without cookies. The interaction between online users and the website is much faster and simpler with the help of cookies. They make it possible for a website to remember an individual’s preferences and experiences, making browsing pages more effective and friendlier. There are numerous reasons for using cookies. They are used for storing the data on the condition of an individual website (details on the customization of an individual website), help in the execution of online services (e.g. an online store), help with collecting statistics on users and visits to a website, user’s habits, etc. Cookies help us to assess the effectiveness of our website’s design. You can read the Information Commissioner’s guidelines on the recommended and permitted use of cookies here.


List of cookies used on our website

1. Lastni piškotki
Ime piškotka
Trajanje Opis
1 leto Shrani uporabnikove preference
ASP.NET_SessionId Trajanje seje Identifikator seje uporabnika
Funkcionalni piškotek
DotNetNukeAnonymous 1 ura Funkcionalni piškotek
1 leto Hrani podatek o uporabnikovih jezikovnih nastavitvah
Google Analytics
_utma  2 leti Google Analytics
Zabeleži razlikovanje med uporabniki in sejami
_utmb  30 minut Google Analytics
Zabeleži novo sejo ali novega uporabnika
_utmz  6 mesecev Google Analytics
Določa vir prometa ali oglaševalsko akcijo
_utmc  Trajanje seje Google Analytics
Zabeleži čas trajanja obiska

2. Piškotki zunanjih spletnih mest
Ime piškotka
Trajanje Opis
__atuvc, dt, uvc, uit, ssh, sshs, ssc, uid
do 2 leti


Spremljanje posodobljenega stanja na spletni strani. Piškotek socialnega vtičnika.

Trajanje seje You Tube
Trajanje seje YouTube
Trajni YouTube
2 leti Google
2 leti Google


The cookies used on our website do not collect any personal information that could be used to recognize you personally, and cannot damage your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Cookies make it possible for our website to function properly, and help us understand which information is the most useful to our visitors.



By using this website you permit the website to set cookies on your computer or mobile device.


Cookie management and deletion

If you want to change the way cookies are used in your browser, including blocking or deleting them, you can do so through browser’s settings. Most browsers support the option of completely rejecting or accepting all cookies, accepting only a certain type of cookie, or warn you each time a website attempts to save a cookie. The cookies the browser saves can also be deleted with a few simple steps. If you change or delete the browser’s file where it stores cookies, change or upgrade your browser or device, you may have to re-disable cookies. The procedure for cookie management and deletion differs by browser. If you require assistance for this, you can consult your browser’s help. Google Analytics’ tracking can also be disabled on the following link.

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